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lastcall on Thu, Feb 16, 2012

Yes, I know. Abby got a haircut. I've actually had this haircut for a good many years now, so I thought it was high time to reflect that in my comic. :)

Several years ago, I was unemployed for a short time after moving from Los Angeles back to my hometown in Maryland. I had just broken up with a guy I had been living with for four years; I failed trying to get a job in 2D animation--I failed trying to make it on my own, essentially. Nothing was working out the way I had imagined it, and I was miserable. No matter how much time was spent looking for another job--in between those job searches, it was incredibly boring. …Even after I finally did find a job, I spent most of my spare time playing MMOs and drinking…a lot. I didn't have much money, but somehow, I always had the funds to afford a bottle of vodka. You could say I was very much an alcoholic, and I'm not proud of that time at all.

Being unemployed again brings back these miserable memories, and I certainly don't want to go back to being like that. …I find it interesting that Lily has sort of morphed from Abby's "partner-in-crime" to her inner demon that she's trying to ignore.

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